Monthly task list


  • team: finalize disciplines
  • disciplines: provide syllabus updates
  • admin: publish new syllabus
  • admin: rotate to new registration database year, copy/update syllabus
  • team: finalize promotional posters
  • team: distribute first set of promotional posters



  • admin: confirm insurance
  • bookkeeper: pay for insurance
  • team: distribute second set of promotional posters
  • admin: email blast to invite last year's participants


  • disciplines: book venues
  • disciplines: book adjudicators
  • bookkeeper: book adjudicator hotels
  • bookkeeper: book trophy, ribbon companies
  • team: update accompanist lists


  • registrar: deposit registration cheques
  • donations: distribute donor solicitations
  • admin: remind disciplines on registration database use
  • disciplines: populate registration database
  • admin: notify participants of registration
  • disciplines: populate schedule database
  • disciplines: secure/train venue volunteers
  • admin: notify last year's trophy holders about return procedure


  • registrar: notify admin of incoming donations
  • admin: post donor credits on web site
  • admin: check on trophy return status, track down laggards
  • admin: notify participants of schedule
  • admin: print score/adjudication sheets
  • admin: distribute donor passes
  • disciplines: host adjudicators
  • disciplines: arrange to enter scores into database
  • disciplines: supply complete volunteers / in-kind supporters list to admin
  • admin: print trophy program


  • disciplines: enter awards into database
  • admin: print stars program
  • admin: publish festival results, multimedia
  • team: send thank you cards to donors
  • team: post-mortem for changes next year